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Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association, New York Lodging and Accommodations ...Dedicated to providing clean, comfortable, accommodations.

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ESBBA Overview

Mission: Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association (ESBBA) encourages the professional and financial success of its dedicated New York State innkeeper members through education, marketing, and collaboration with professional partners, emphasizing high quality standards of hospitality and ethical business practices, all with the aim of superior lodging experiences for guests.

The Empire State Bed & Breakfast Association, popularly known as ESBBA, is a membership organization of Bed and Breakfasts  and Inns in New York State.  Members are dedicated to high standards of quality, hospitality, cleanliness, and service. ESBBA properties, located all across New York State, range from landmark, historic homes and farmhouses, to newly constructed, and contemporary homes.

The ESBBA organization focuses on
• marketing member properties,
• maintaining high  standards
• Industry advocacy
• and  Innkeeper  resource connection.

Marketing strategies include an extensive web site presence, including regional focused pages, multiple search features for visitors, multi city listings for each member, a mobile focused site/web application, integrated attraction finder, interesting NY facts, regional/city details and more. In addition, ESBBA produces a  full color travel guide describing each member property along with a color photo of each. Approximately 15,000 guides are distributed across the state at visitor centers, member properties, and other travel destinations per year.

The ESBBA newsletter and conference/meeting opportunities focus on current B and B related news and helpful info for member innkeepers.

Conferences & meetings also serve as a useful point of contact to fellow innkeepers and often lead to a wealth of knowledge and friendships.

As Inn Keepers, we are often solely focused on the marketing of our own Bed & Breakfast and possibly our local area. This is of necessity and value. At the same time, also important is the marketing of the state and the Bed and Breakfast alternative within the state. ESBBA is the organization that takes the marketing to a state wide level.

Visitors traveling greater distances or across the state, most likely start by casting a much broader search net. Your participation in this level of marketing adds the benefit of marketing on multiple levels.

In addition, as a prestigious state-wide Bed and Breakfast organization, ESBBA often attracts members and interest from other organizations, including local B&B organizations or other travel related groups with common interests. ESBBA’s size, connections with the B&B industry, and experience can be helpful to all.

We invite all Innkeepers in New York State to join ESBBA, both for its support of the Bed and Breakfast industry  in New York State, and also  for the excellent marketing resource and networking opportunity it offers you.

Make the New York State Bed and Breakfast organization a solid part of your business plan AND help us represent the state of New York as an attractive vacation destination

Enhance Your ESBBA-B&B Marketing

As a member of ESBBA, New York State’s premier bed & breakfast association, you can take advantage of many marketing features. Making sure that your ESBBA listing is complete with all your marketing information included, is very important to get the most value from your listing

Your individual ESBBA listing contributes to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of the ESBBA site, which has many features to help visitors find you. Your listing should describe your area, your B&B, and list all special features and amenities of your B&B. You should also list and describe your packages. Listing nearby towns and cities is also very important. This information feeds the main esbba.com site, its regional pages, and the mobile site. The Mobile web app searches for smart phones and other mobile devices at the nybnbinns.mobi site is another example of how your ESBBA listing it used.

Please log into the esbba.com member area with your esbba username and password. You will then be able to update and add to your listing. Key points are noted on the form and most fields are of great value to your marketing. Please contact our ESBBA administration if you have any questions or would like help with your listing.

Please consider showing your support of ESBBA with a reciprocating link to esbba.com. You can also join ESBBA on Facebook and or send an ESBBA NY Travel Blog post or idea to help us highlight attractions in your area to New York State. This will not only help your B&B marketing, but will help your area be more visible, while helping the ESBBA website’s SEO. If you use Webervations, please make sure they list you as an ESBBA member as this will ensure that you are included in the last minute reservations page.

Innkeeper Resources:

As an ESBBA member, you can participate in conferences, meetings and advertising venues.

You will also receive the ESBBA member newsletter which is a great way to learn about innkeeper events and to stay informed on B&B related issues in New York State and elsewhere.

Don’t forget that as an ESBBA member you are entitled to discounts from Webervations, and also various other vendors.

Keep in mind ESBBA member innkeepers are a great resource and are often happy to help other innkeepers!


Together we are a powerful marketing tool for your Bed and Breakfast and for New York State as a travel destination. We are here to help you make the most of your ESBBA membership.

Find a Great B&B Inn Stay in New York State

Welcome to New York State from the Empire State Bed & Breakfast Association!

Our B&B member organization is proud to offer the finest quality Bed and Breakfast Inns in New York State.

We promote quality standards in each participating Bed and Breakfast to ensure an enjoyable stay during your travels.

Finding quality accommodations couldn't be easier!  By using your mobile device or laptop, you can explore unique vacation options and accommodations on nybnbinns.mobi or esbba.com. Lacking an electronic device, just pick up one of our ESBBA brochures.  

ESBBA member B&B's range greatly in artistic design, surroundings and local attractions. Biking trails, in-town shopping, mountain views, canals or lakeside retreats are just a few of the features you’ll find. Whether you’re on a family vacation, looking for a romantic get-a-way, or a business traveler, look to ESBBA for the finest accommodations.  Find a member B&B near your destination with a hospitable B&B innkeeper who knows area attractions, historic sites, and who can suggest the best places to dine. Many are masters at culinary delights, often with an emphasis on local & regional produce.

Start your search now at www.nybnbinns.mobi or www.esbba.com - A delightful stay is just a click away.

Recipe for a Great Bed & Breakfast Experience (with a dash of history)

• One dwelling (can be an historic building or modern construction, often with an artistic ambiance)
• Inviting atmosphere for tourists and business travelers with the focus on a warm welcome, comfort and relaxation
• Innkeepers that provide gracious hospitality, gourmet food, sightseeing/restaurant suggestions and concierge services

Throughout history man has sought safe refuge as he traveled. As man progressed, the desire for more than basic safe refuge evolved.

In Europe, this progression led to the concept of opening ones home to the traveling public. The term bed and breakfast originated in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland.

In later years, settlers in the United States sought out taverns, inns or private homes for places to stay as they traveled west. In the past 25 years, the bed and breakfast business has grown exponentially in the U.S. The modern B&B/Inn caters to tourists and business travelers.

A B&B can range from two rooms in a home to 20 rooms in a large complex. Most B&Bs in the U.S. offer individually decorated rooms with private baths; in-room amenities such as soap, shampoo, hair dryer, iron/ironing board, cable or satellite TV and computer access; common areas that are open to all guests for relaxing; a hearty full breakfast (some offer a continental breakfast), and well maintained grounds.

Although each B&B/Inn is unique, it is very common to find an innkeeper that is knowledgeable of the region they live in and eager to suggest sightseeing destinations, restaurants, travel routes, and assist with travel plans. Many innkeepers also belong to state and regional B&B associations that serve as an important resource for industry guidelines and standards of quality.

Consider staying at a Bed & Breakfast Inn on your next trip, it may just be the fit your soul is looking for.

A New York Cultural Heritage Get-A-Way

The history of NY State begins around 10,000 B.C., when the first Native Americans arrived. The main tribes, the Iroquoian and Algonquian cultures, developed and expanded for thousands of years. The European discovery of New York was led by the French in 1524 but the first land claims in 1609 were by the Dutch who named the first colony, New Netherland,which evolved from fur trade to agricultural. In 1664, England conquered it and renamed the colony New York, after the Duke of York. On July 9,1776, New York declared its independence from Britain and thus became one of the original 13 states. In 1784, possibly due to New York's economic and industrial growth, the name "The Empire State," arose. George Washington may have named it "The Empire State," for he had referred to New York as "the Seat of the Empire" and also as "Pathway to Empire." Though the exact origin of the name is not known, "The Empire State," was well known and used by 1820.

Today, visitors can experience a rich cultural heritage throughout New York State. One will find Museums, Historic Tours, Sites,and Markers, Art Galleries, Related Organizations focused on Women's Rights & Heritage, Underground Railroad, Abolition & Religious Movements, Erie Canalway Heritage, Native American Culture, Agriculture and much more. At the New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network website nychtn.com, one can search a state wide database of about 2,000 cultural & heritage destinations by location and/or interest. Combined with a grand selection of New York State Bed & Breakfasts at esbba.com, one is sure to find a vast array of Cultural Heritage Get-A-Way ideas for your next escape!

How to Start a B&B

It is always good to start with some research before starting a B&B.
Places to consider include the
state/town/city building codes and code officers
County Health Department
State and Local B&B Associations
Real Estate Agents specialiaing in B&B Sales
Small Business Planning and Resources

AND maybe most importantly, talk and learn from Present Innkeepers!


Thanks to the participating New York Empire State Innkeepers!

Are You An Aspiring Innkeeper (Part 1)

The timeless occupation of Innkeeper dates back to the Roman Era, but certainly has evolved over time and continues to evolve as the travelers' needs change.

By visiting several Bed and Breakfast Inns and observing the Inns in motion, an aspiring innkeeper can meet and interview present day innkeepers. If you are in the planning stages of becoming a New York State Bed and Breakfast innkeeper, consider joining the New York State, Empire Bed and Breakfast Association, as an "Aspiring Innkeeper" member.

As an aspiring innkeeper member of ESSBA you will receive their monthly newsletter.
To help with your research and planning stages of your wonderful journey into the innkeeper's life, meet and visit several of ESSBA's members by searching under B&B/INNS on the www.esbba.com

Let's ask some ESBBA members, What key traits are important for an innkeeper? (answers from innkeepers)

What do you most enjoy about being an innkeeper? (answers from innkeepers)

Let's end with a question for an aspiring inkeeper. What inspired you to become and aspiring innkeeper?

Are You An Aspiring Innkeeper?
Part 2 - Starting Your Bed and Breakfast Inn

Research is the key before opening your bed and breakfast inn.

Consider in your research but don't limit it to:

  • state/town/village/and or city building codes and zoning codes
  • local code officers
  • consult with accountant
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • insurance agent
  • consult with lawyer
  • Banks for start up money
  • Look into what licenses and permits you will need, state,county,and or local.
  • Will you need to hire help?
  • Research the current rates of hotels and other b&b's in your area
  • County Health Department
  • Estimates on what it will take per each guest room to get it properly furnished
  • Is your kitchen up to state and local code for operating a bed and breakfast?
  • What type of guests will you be marketing to?
  • State and Local B&B Associations
  • Real Estate Agents specializing in B&B Sales
  • Small Business Planning and Resources
  • local chamber of commerce
  • local historical society
  • tourism office
  • immediate and surrounding area, what does it have to offer your guests and if the activities are seasonal, what can you do offseason to promote and intice guests to visit?
  • AND of great importance is to meet, talk with and learn from current Innkeepers!

In New York State, consider joining Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association as an "Aspiring Innkeeper" member and start receiving their monthly newsletter. Look to their accommodating innkeepers as a first hand crucial source of information.

Let's listen to what some members of ESBBA have to say about starting your b&b inn.
What are some of the key factors you did to start your B&B or to become an innkeeper? (answers)

Join your state bed and breakfast organization.

Start your incredible journey by joining and enjoying the special camaraderie of New York state bed and breakfast innkeepers. ESBBA.COM

Thanks to the participating New York State Empire Bed and Breakfast Association Members:
Barbara from Sunrise Landing --- www.sunriselandingbb.com
Belinda from Maxwell Creek Inn --- www.maxwellcreekinn-bnb.com
Claudia from The 1810 Juliand House --- www.the 1810juliandhouse.com
Sunny from Sunny's Roost Bed & Breakfast --- www.sunnysroost.com

video by:
Vendor member of Empire State Bed and Breakfast Association, www.zehr.net

ESBBA members are dedicated to providing clean, comfortable, accommodations and warm, gracious hospitality.

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